Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Canmore 2014

I recently had some time off work for Spring Break, and while it was pretty uneventful, we ventured out to Canmore for my last weekend off. We left bright and early Friday morning for our 4-5 hour drive and arrived at noon. We went there for my father in law's birthday, and I'm so glad that we did! When we arrived,  we still had 4 hours until check-in, so we ventured over to Banff and had a quick look around. I had never been to either city, so it was pretty cool to see.

Warning: Most of these pictures involve Gunner. I just love him so much!

Don't mind my cracked and dirty windshield, but I tried to get a decent picture of the Rocky Mountains when we were going through Calgary! It was also a really beautiful day and the weather stayed like that all weekend. In the first picture,we were only an hour and a half in to our drive and Gunner was just so done.

On our way home, we took Rob's nephew with us. We warned him about Gunner licking his face the entire drive, but he braved it! They quickly became good friends and cuddled for some time. We ended up putting Gunner's muzzle on because he wouldn't settle down. He proceeded to pout for the rest of the drive home.

I didn't take very many pictures, but we generally stayed in our town house/hotel and relaxed. It was much needed, and I look forward to exploring the full city next time, and maybe even all of Banff. 

Have you been on any recent vacations?

xo. Nicole

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


So far, my spring break has been so relaxing! It's a bittersweet time because it's time off, but I'm also not paid for that time. My step mother is a manager at a drug store and is doing me a huge favor by letting me work a couple days. We're both helping each other out in that way. 

Saturday morning, Rob and I took Gunner for a walk to Starbucks. The weather is slloowwwlllyy getting warmer, which I'm excited for! I've never been a fan of summer, especially the heat, but I'm looking forward to all that day light and taking Gunner outside more. 

I forgot how fast nail polish chips compared to salon gel nails! I'm still using my favorite nail polish, Julep! I have a basket of different kinds of polish, but their colors are so nice and it goes on usually with only one coat. This color is called "Nellie." It's super girly and spring-y, so I love it! It's probably going to get chipped like crazy today, so I'll be sure to share the next color I choose ;)

Since moving to Alberta, Rob and I have mostly kept to ourselves, except for the occasional visit with family. It's been wonderful to finally be so close to most of our family, but boy oh boy, do we ever miss our friends. We haven't meant to be homebodies but our jobs are exhausting and the weekend is usually time for us to catch up on errands and sleep. This week was a bit different for me, though! A friend from work came over on Wednesday night to bake some gluten and dairy free banana bread, and she came over again on Sunday for a yummy living room picnic. We completed our picnic with some David's Tea, pink lemonade to be exact. It was delicious! It tasted even better in my new mug.

On Friday morning, Rob, Gunner and I are off to Canmore for a little relaxation with his dad and sister. I'm excited for relaxing, but it means my spring break is almost over! Rob's mom and stepdad are coming from BC on Saturday, and I can't wait to see them on Sunday. So many things to do and see, and so little time!

How was your weekend?

xo. Nicole

Monday, March 24, 2014

Banana Blueberry Oatmeal Smoothie

Lately, I haven't been able to stomach coffee. I don't what it is, but one day 2 weeks ago it just started making me nauseous and now I can't even stand the taste of it. (Not pregnant!) I tried this morning with the same results. Tea just isn't the same, in my opinion, but I'm going to make my way over to David's Tea on Friday to check out some options, because I NEED caffeine during the work week. This morning was different because I opted for making a smoothie! 

I came across the "Lauren Conrad Oatmeal Smoothie" on Pinterest (which linked me to a Martha Stewart website) and made my own version.

I used:

  • 1 small portion of Activia vanilla yogurt
  • 1 frozen banana (microwaved for 45 seconds)
  • a handful of oats
  • a handful of frozen blueberries
  • 1 tbsp of honey
  • about 5 ice cubes
  • a little bit of water
I put everything in the magic bullet cup, then I added the blueberries, and THEN the ice cubes on top (so they'd hit the magic bullet blades first). After, I poured it all into my new mason jar tumbler from Wal Mart! Isn't it devine?!

Sorry for the wacky ingredients amount. I don't really measure what I put in, and it usually tastes good. Except mango and peanut butter. Don't do mango and peanut butter. 

Yesterday, I decided to take off my gel nails (ouch!) If you noticed in the picture above. I used my favorite nail polish brand, Julep, and painted my nails using Tracy!

Do you use Julep? What's your favorite color?


xo. Nicole